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crows by AyameFataru crows by AyameFataru
okay this was during my elisa (spell?) woods obsession after a whatched lord of the rings. this orginated from a pic for the times magazine. i tried to change it around just a bit so it didnt look like him so much but i dont think it worked so well. oh wells

just enjoy the prettiness of another man i willl never have because he's probably gay. it's just my luck. sigh -_-;;
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scarlethorn Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013
It's Elijah, and he's not gay. I'm still obsessed with him.
Love the picture with the crow
starmanx Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2011
Damn, this is boss. Nice work! I envy your skills!
princess6590 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
hes not gay. i think????
fredlicurgo Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2009
really awesome!
msamericano Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2008
Ooooh. Like this lots.
libtolu Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2006
i like it, ive been trying to draw a realiastic drawing. at the moments, well since i started weeks ago ive been in the manga style. excellent. i didn't think it looked like elija wood at all which means that u did a good job of changing it.

"he probly is gay, too pretty to be hetrosexual"
RobertFriis Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
Had this in my favorites forever, but just came upon it by accident again. Just had to tell you how awesome it is. It really is. :)
DFadler Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2006
I love the facial expression, great job :clap: :+fav:
Adnivog Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2006
DSil Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2006  Student General Artist
I hear loads of girls complain about falling for gorgeous guys who turn out to be gay. My theory? Guys who are too attractive fall for themselves, thus becoming gay. Which is why I'm secure in my heterosexuality :sarcasticclap:
AnnieWoodley Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2005
doubt he's gay,but the likeness isn't so prominent. you've elongated the face so he looks older and more rugged. you've blended the idea of the crow very nicely. you've got excellent potential. cheers.
zabriske-point Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2005
Great work!
Shades, textures, the intesde eyes... :thumbsup:
bsienk Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
I think you mean Elijah i love the pic!!! great job!!! :love:
TylerHagan Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2005  Professional Interface Designer
well i hope "Elijah Wood" is gay that would be brilliant, not that i have a chance *sigh*

Anywhoo this is awesome :D
webmSylver Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2005
I like it alot, but everything else overpowers the eyes, which imo is the most important part.
amukugutsu Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2005
im still tryin to draw real ppl...but its not workin....
i love it the shading and everythin!!
madobe Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2004
I really cannot understand why everybody thinks that he is gay... *headshaking*
ilikeshinyobjects Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
I know...wait to accuse someone of being gay until it's proven so or otherwise.
iofthestorm Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2004
woa that IS a cool way of disguising him.. i, like other ppl who commented, was like "hmm this guy looks familiar", but now i totally see the elijah wood buried beneath your changes. almost like a beefier-necked asian version (..or maybe thats just how i see it). but yeah. awesome shading and all that..
madobe Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2004
I know this pic which was shown in the mag, it is elijah wood, but he is not gay ^^

very verwell done!
Rickbw1 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2004
Beautiful piece. love how you abstracted the bird (abit)
ZeroCartin Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
"just enjoy the prettiness of another man i willl never have because he's probably gay. it's just my luck. sigh -_-;; "

lol *hugs*
I really like this pic, the contrast is beautiful, and the details are really well done. I know you'll find a guy that fits ya, so no worries!! XD
psychodan Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
Kinda reminds me of Elijah Wood.....
mojaam Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2004
Ah, very nice. Love the shading.
martinhoulden Featured By Owner May 19, 2004  Professional General Artist
a crow left of the murder? eh ? eh ?
ChiBi-LoTuS Featured By Owner May 16, 2004
This really absolutly AWESOME! Teach me, teach me, teach me!!!! I want to get so great like you! WOW
sea Featured By Owner May 10, 2004
Wonderful details and shading, and I like his expression!
ebh Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
it has some similarities to his face, but I think that you changed it enough that it doesn't look like him, maybe a family member, but not him.
gorjuss Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
wow... he's MORE gorjuss than elijah woods! to locate the man that looks like THIS pic ! ( and get rid of his boyfriend!!!) *swoon*
Silveraxe Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
woa he does look like elijah wood!! :D but great work!
musmuris Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2004
this is great, i like it a lot, especially with the crow
BlueSamurai22 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2004
I think you actually did a good job disguising elijah wood to look a little different. ^_^
Kiriska Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2004
Crows are pretty. Love all the shading on this..
hobbitfreak Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2004
-gasp- You have that "Omg he's so hot but then he turns out gay" luck, too?! Oh man, I hate it.
Anyway, this is awesome. I love the shading. +fav
AyameFataru Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
you have no idea!

3 times!

3 freakin times!!!

you think they're sweet and innocent but really he just likes men. do you have any idea what that can do to a girls confidense. why could'nt i have been born a lesbian.....
catycata Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2003   Digital Artist
wow amazing!!! Great shaded work and everything......sorry I am not very good at expressing myself, but be sure this is one of the most incredible person draw I have ever seen.
RobertFriis Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
This is simply stunning! I really like how you kept him familiar while at the same making himinto a brand new character. And the! This is my +fav for the day. Excellent work! :D
phoenirius Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2003
guy reminds me of elijah wood - cool sketch!
AnimeGirlMika Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2003  Professional General Artist
At least if he's gay you can read lots of loverly yaoi fan fics about it ^_^

I think you did a good job of changing it so it doesn't look like him. When I looked the first time, I was thinking 'Wow he looks familiar' then I read your description and understood *nod nod*
Suketchiryu Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2003
yey first comment of the day :)
((0_o)) dont know why but thats creepy as hell
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