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April 12, 2004
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Memories of a Martyr by AyameFataru Memories of a Martyr by AyameFataru
Updated 7/28/10

also a t-shirt now. i figure everyone else is stealing it to make t-shirts so i might as well too.

i've been bummed out latey and today was especially sad. so anyways this is a random de-bumming drawing i did through out school. we had extra time in Japanese^-^ well actually we WERE supposed to be working, eh well thats what weekends are for.

i think this drawing doesnt quite stand alone so i plan to con my friend into writing a poem to add in later. because me writing literature is like a five year old building a sky scrapper. just dont happen.

Here's some poetry people have send me that was inspired by "Memories of a Martyr"
I know i have more some where- I'll post those ASAP.

by Vampyre-Stuart
Long dark lashes lock up tight,
A symbol of this patron’s plight.
Bright blue eyes control the pain,
Discharging guilt, issuing blame.

Death and solace intertwined,
Piercing twin daggers in his mind.
Feathered wings of light chastise,
And shield him from hurt, he devised.

Drifting aimless, through the void,
Filled with despair, his faith destroyed.
Dignified gowns and filigree,
Turning sombre, eternally.

Mislaid teardrops form and shine,
Are frozen there, in space and time.
Cringing from his unseen fears,
Of worthless faith and unshed tears.

In the twilight of defeat,
Where sunlight wanes with subdued heat,
Bandages and rags still bind,
These Memories of a Martyr’s mind.

April- 24- 2008

sorry i had to watermark it but people keep fucking stealing it!!!! i hate doing it because you can't even see the drawing anymore which is the whole point of putting it on online is so you guys can see it! lame!
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omgosh this is fabulous. :D
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You're amazing.
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Amazing work! Great details!
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May I post this on my tumblr blog? Of course, like what I do with anything else I put on there, I will put this:

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Beautiful work!
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I love this and agree with other comments, it is very expressive. I really like the details and good use of contrast.
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